WESA Market Denver Colorado – Where the Equine Industry Meets

WESA offers retailers (not open the the general public) one stop shopping in one venue all with a country smile and a down-home welcome.  With over 750 exhibitors displaying new and innovative products, the Denver WESA Market has something for everyone.

WESA trade shows boast record-breaking retail attendance from a national and international audience. WESA uses extensive trade advertising, direct mail and international media campaigns to bring retailers to Denver twice a year to buy product for their stores.

Enhanced by the supportive advertising of its membership and their companies, the Denver Markets are regarded as the single-sourcing entity for more than 2,500 product lines, bringing more than 7,000 retailers to the Denver Markets each year. WESA also serves as a source for information and education for retailers and exhibitor, bringing sold business and lifestyle expertise to the trade, through Market seminars and demonstrations.

Ticks-Off is sure to be one of the most favored new products of the year…

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Ticks-Off-DogTicks-Off is the ONLY safe and effective way to truly protect pets from ticks, as it does not allow ticks onto the pets’ coat in the first place.

Ticks-Off is safe for pets and humans alike, and comes in an easy to apply spray that has a pleasant lavender scent, and it’s a coat conditioner, as well. And the greatest news of all is that Ticks-Off can be safely used in conjunction with any and all other pest prevention products or programs. No other products can compare to Ticks-Off’s one of a kind solution to keeping pets Too Slick for Ticks!

Serene by Nature cream is likely to be the most interesting new product introduced in 2018…

So again, check in with your local feed & tack store and confirm they are carrying Serene by Nature cream for your shopping convenience!

Serene by Nature cream is the FIRST EVER BIO-IDENTICAL topical cream for equines, and unlike Regumate, it is safe for both horses and their human handlers. Serene by Nature is the best natural alternative to prescription synthetic hormones, and to herbal blends that will test negatively in competitions.


Naturally balancing equines during their regular seasonal cycles may benefit their attitude, performance, focus, and trainability, as well as supporting healthy breeding’s and gestation.  Serene by Nature is naturally bio-identical, USEF and FEI complaint, veterinarian tested and approved, and is unlike any other product available on the market.

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