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Why Repellents Don’t Work Against Ticks


Do you know WHY traditional tick ‘Repellents’ never really seem to keep ticks off of your pets…?

Whether they are natural or full of toxic chemicals, they are applied topically, or given orally,  repellents never seem to successfully keep ticks off of pets, do they…?

Why not??  Well, repelling a tick is nearly impossible and killing one is very time consuming.

The famous movie clip below is a perfect analogy of just the kind of results you can typically expect to see when you use a tick repellent product on your pet, as the annoying ticks are still going to make the leap ~ despite your valiant efforts trying to prevent them from doing so…

What makes Ticks-Off different from ALL other tick products on the market?

Unlike all other tick products, Ticks-Off is not trying to wage a war against ticks. Because history has now shown us that waging a war on ticks is much like the U.S waging the ‘War on Drugs’ – we are losing both wars.

Instead of attempting to repel ticks, Ticks-Off unique proprietary blend effectively (and immediately) Deflects the ticks, preventing them from ever getting on your pets coat in the first place.

You see, the problem with repellent products is that they actually allow ticks onto the animal, and then they ‘hope’ to eventually either repel or possibly kill them, hopefully…

Unfortunately, this can take potentially up to THREE days to accomplish! (And where do the ticks go to that do get repelled, when a repellent actually repels them…? Often they are repelled into your home, or onto your family, or other pets. Yikes, and Ick.)

This hilarious video is a good depiction of precisely what happens to ticks when they try to climb onto a pet that is Too Slick for Ticks to Stick (Except, unlike the end of this clip, ticks DO NOT manage to reach their desired destination when confronted with Ticks-Off.)…

So do you want to continue allowing ticks onto your pets by using traditional repellent products, such as sprays, collars, and spot-drops (including those needing veterinarian prescriptions)…?

Or do you want to effectively protect your pets from ticks in the first place?  

Ticks-Off is THE revolutionary new, safe, and effective Solution for keeping your pets safe from tick bites. Ticks-Off is the one and only tick Deflector Spray.

Ticks-Off creates a natural barrier on your pets coat, without the use of toxic chemicals, that stops ticks from getting onto your pet in the first place!

*Important note of interest: In only one hours time a biting tick can transmit potentially fatal diseases.*

This easy to apply, residue-free spray is a uniquely designed formula that is also a natural coat conditioner. Just spray on – and your pet is immediately Too Slick for Ticks to Stick!

Make sure to keep a bottle available at all times, as many tick borne diseases are fatal ~ and many have no cures.

This well known saying is spot on:  An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Order yours today!!

*Available in essential oil lavender or eucalyptus scents*


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Ticks-Off at O.C. Pet Expo April 27th-29th


Ticks-Off & Tic X at Orange County Family Pet Expo

at the OC Fairgrounds ~ April 27th-29th at Booth #1133


We are SO excited to be at this years OC Pet Expo!! What a great premise this expo has been built on, as it is all about educating pet people and supporting pet rescues. Absolutely perfect combination for Ticks-Off & Hilton Herbs Tic X to be a part of and supporting.

We will have with us the BRAND NEW Hilton Herbs Tic X for equines and canines!!!  We are VERY excited about these lovely new products, and you will be too!

We will also have a sample of our new eucalyptus scent at our booth, so if you want to refresh your dog, bring them on by Booth #1133 for a spritz of eucalyptus scented Ticks-Off.

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Ticks-Off and Hilton Herbs at Global Pet Expo


TICKS-OFF and HILTON HERBS are in Orlando at the Global Pet Expo!

This means that very soon you will be able to find Ticks-Off and Tic X at your local pet and feed stores!! WooHoo!! If your favorite store is behind the times and not yet carrying these amazing products – ask them:  “Why Not…?”

You’ve likely been hearing about Ticks-Off, but have you heard about Hilton Herb’s new product Tic X?


This amazing new herbal product has been designed and formulated by Hilary Self , in conjunction with Dr. Joyce Harman, to help horses maintain a strong and effective immune response to infection.

Ticks-Off is proud to be working together with Hilary and Tony Self of Hilton Herbs, and Dr. Joyce Harman, addressing the needs for tick safety, protection, and equine health.

ticks-off-fedHilton Herbs marvelous new product Tic X contains a carefully formulated combination of herbs to help preserve a healthy strong immune system, whilst supporting the horses’ various systems that may be affected by conventional medicines.

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