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We proudly donate a portion of our proceeds to horse rescues.

Ticks-Off is helping to save horses by supporting rescues. There are many thousands of equines that suffer abuse and neglect, and they often end up slaughter bound. The need for, and demand, on horse rescues is overwhelming.

In the U.S. we ship over 100,000 horses to slaughter each year,  which translates into one horse being sent to slaughter every 5 minutes.

Rescues are so vitally important and desperately needed.  One of the biggest challenges of running  horse rescues is acquiring enough funding to maintain the rescues and having the ability to continually rescue more equines in need.

I wish to help as many equines as possible – and all you need to do to help me accomplish this, is to buy some Ticks-Off today and I will be able to donate to horses in need on your behalf!!  WIN-WIN!!!!!


saffyre rescue


Welcome to Saffyre Sanctuary, the most unique horse rescue in the country!  Please continue to visit our site for new updates our about organization  and the lives we save! 



http://www.springcreekhr.org/spring creek rescue

 We are dedicated to providing a second chance for abused, neglected, outgrown and unwanted equines of all breeds. We are a 100% Anti-Slaughter Rescue that emphasizes the rehabilitation and placement of horses into loving, forever homes.  We also help educate the public on better horse care, handling and nutrition, providing hay for our neighbors who are unable to feed their horses.
United Pegasus Horses
United Pegasus Horses

The mission of United Pegasus Foundation is to identify abused and/or neglected equines, help to rehabilitate them, facilitate adoptions and educate the public regarding the need to help these horses.

The United Pegasus Foundation believes that no thoroughbred should be denied a second career or a dignified retirement.


http://returntofreedom.org/ return-to-freedom

Return to Freedom  provides a safe haven to almost 400 wild horses including 29 burros. With roundups on-going, the sanctuary fills a vital niche to meet the immediate needs of rescue and sanctuary for wild horses and burros while providing a venue to educate the public about America’s wild horses and burros and solutions to protect them in viable free ranging herds for future generations.


Thank you shopping at Ticks-Off and supporting our rescues!

Many Happy trails to you,

Shelly Black