Ticks-Off Directions:

Can safely be used on dogs, horses, and all your pets!

Shake Well!!      When mixing concentrate – mix EXACTLY as directed.

FOR BEST RESULTS – Ticks-Off is most effective on a recently rinsed/washed animal. Repeat rinsing/washing (and regular conditioning of manes and tails) as needed to keep them sleek and Too Slick for Ticks.  Can be used on a wet or dry coat.                         

Effective immediately and may last up to one week, or longer!

For horses do not apply to the saddle or cinch area. 

  • Apply Ticks-Off on clean coat, mane and tail.
  • Spray a heavy mist until hair is damp.
  • Pay particular attention to legs, and tail, and any area that may come into contact with weeds or grasses or brush.
  • Hand stroke, or use a brush, in direction of hair to blend.
  • Allow to dry before additional brushing and thoroughly brush out all tangles.
  • Re-apply more as needed.
  • Repeat all steps above each time you are heading out for a hike or trail ride.
  • To stop bot fly eggs from attaching to hair, spray a heavy mist onto problem area locations. Follow above directions.

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