Ticks-Off Directions:

For dogs, and… other pets.

FOR BEST RESULTS:    Ticks-Off is most effective on a recently washed dog. Bathe (and condition) as usual. Regular bathing recommended for optimal results to keep the coat sleek and Too Slick for Ticks. Can be used on a wet or dry coat.

Shake Well!!      When mixing concentrate – mix EXACTLY as directed.

  • Liberally apply Ticks-Off by spraying directly onto a clean coat until the entire coat is damp.
  • Brush or hand stroke in direction of hair to blend in evenly and let dry for about 10 minutes.
  • Then brush or hand rub coat to blend thoroughly and remove all tangles.
  • Apply to all areas that come in contact with grasses and weeds, most importantly going down the legs and onto the feet. Paying particular attention to tails and long feathered fur.
  • Head and Face: Do not spray onto the pets’s face directly. Apply a small amount to a towel (or your hands) and wipe over the face area and ears.
  • Use on wet and dry coats.
  • Re-apply as needed, and when heading out for a hike or into any area where ticks may be lurking.
  • For stickers, burs, or tangles apply Ticks-off directly to affected area and wait 5-10 minutes, then gently work out with your fingers or a comb.
  • For cats or other small animals, spray directly on your hands and rub into coat following above directions.
  • For pets with coarse, or tightly curled hair, apply a heavy application to a clean and conditioned/softened coat

Apply heaviest applications under belly and bottom side of tail, and anywhere that the dog has longer or thicker fur/feathers, such as behind back legs. When needed ~ apply more often ~ apply heavier applications ~ and remember, for best results use on a clean animal.

Effective immediately and may last up to one week, or longer.

  • Oil-Free. Leaves no residue. Quick drying.
  • Use on wet or dry coat.
  • Use to easily remove stickers and tangles.
  • Deflects Bot Fly eggs from attaching to livestock.
  • Deters dirt and creates a coat that will look and feel better than ever!
  • Free of negative side effects.
  • Grooming time will be cut by up to 80%.
  • Ticks-Off natural lavender scent is pleasant and calming, and it deflects ticks!




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